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Carter Phillips -Realtor and Georgia Film & Television Consultant

As a native Atlantan that grew up in Buckhead, I know many people and have made many lasting friendships & relationships with people that also happen to own extraordinary homes. I have developed a portfolio of remarkable homes that are available to rent for movies, mini-series, videos and commercials. My homeowners prefer that their properties not show up on home listing services such as &, so I market what I have through my "gate-keeper" level executives and a private industry website in LA.

​​The properties I represent include a number of unique houses, farms, high-rise condos, businesses, automobiles, yachts, aircraft, hangars and other film-ready sites.  I've built strong relationships with property owners, helping them to understand your needs.   My website features photos of some the properties I manage.  Not all of the properties are shown here.  I continue to seek out new properties for representation each week.  If you don't find what you need -- or if you have unusual requirements -- please contact me.  I can provide additional listings or tap into an extraordinary network of Atlanta real estate and location resources to meet your precise requirements. I can also provide comfortable, well-appointed homes in Atlanta's most beautiful and interesting neighborhoods for creative and production staff searching for a sense of home while filming in Atlanta.




mobile: (404) 210-9329